Engage with Customers at Every Step of Their Journey Using Google Ads

Reach an Engaged Audience, Ready to Purchase


of People Click on Ads when Making purchases


Average Click-Through Rate


Return on Investment on Google Ads

Unlock Growth and Drive Performance on Google

With over 90% of the global search engine market share, Google offers advertisers unrivaled access to billions of users actively searching for products and services every day. From Pmax to Youtube advertising (and beyond), Google empowers brands to connect with consumers at every stage of their journey, driving traffic, conversions, and measurable results across the entire Google ecosystem.

Proven Success with Global Brands

The Growth Waves initiated a structured test to compare Pmax with Google Search. Although we exceeded client expectations with both campaign types, Search outperformed Pmax. While Pmax operates as a “black box,” Search provides access to additional optimization levers and data insights. This enabled The Growth Waves to continually enhance performance within Google Search.



CPA Efficiency



Higher ROAS



Higher Average Conversion Value

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